Boknäs is a family enterprise based in Finland that is run by its owner already in the second generation. Inspired by a passion for antiquary books and historic maps, the revival of the construction of a world-wide known stackable bookcase began in the 1990's.

Originally, Boknäs furniture was produced only for personal use of the founder, an antiquarian, as he was searching for a dustproof bookcase solution to store his antiquary books in. However, due to enthusiastic requests of private customers and later also of different sales outlets, within a few years Boknäs became a successful, middle-sized company with different furniture collections, own shops and reliable distributors both in Finland and abroad. Today the design team at Boknäs designs three different product ranges, Boknäs, Villinki and Club Vintage Interiors, which all are produced with high quality materials and love to detail and design.

Boknäs Interior Galleries

In Finland, the Boknäs interior galleries are located in the towns of Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa and Turku. Besides Boknäs’ own production, the interior galleries also display selected furniture and decorative items of other well established manufacturers. The target is to present rooms that are decorated entirely with love to detail, and where all the displayed products construct a unified concept. In order to bring an overall interior design concept into practice, Boknäs uses influences from different cultures. From regular trips around the world new ideas are brought back to Finland, inspiring in multiple ways the further development and production of the Boknäs furniture collection. As the Boknäs galleries are designed to cover all areas of interior design, the range of items is extensive: Boknäs interior galleries offer a large selection of interior products, ranging from paints and rugs to sofas and even cutlery.

Boknäs Company Logo

The Boknäs logo was inspired by the shell of a turtle and the ideology associated with it. A turtle can be referred to as a home unit: It is at home wherever it goes and it always carries its home with it. The turtle reflects qualities and symbolism that Boknäs as a company wishes to endeavor. Common features associated with a turtle are patience, confidence and persistence, and the acknowledgement of one’s own boundaries with respect for those of others. A turtle symbolizes good fortune and long life. The patterns of a turtle’s shell have been associated in feng shui also with the elements of life such as health, family, children and work, which in balance make our life fulfilled and our home happy. A turtle always finds its way home.